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  1. Chelsea Football Club  are a professional football club based in Fulham, London, who play in the Premier League, the highest level of English football. 
  2. Managerjose Mourinho
  3. Arena/Stadium: Stamford bridge 
  4. LeaguePremier League
  5. Location London
  6. NicknamesBlue Lions, The Blues, The Pensioners, Blues, Pensioners


Swimming is a water based team or individual sport. Competitive swimming is the most popular in the olympics. These are the types freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Recreation swimming is a popular low impact form of exercise.The styles are having to do with somethings and so free style your allowed to do anything in the water. Butterfly is like flying in the water. Actually the remaining have to do with your body. All of them are backstroke which have to do with your back.Breaststroke which has to do with your breast. 

My Favorite Sports

My Sports 30/6/2015 Tiffany.k.a.Ekpeyong

My name is Tiffany.k.a.ekpeyong,and I will be talking about The Sports i Like. 
To me there are 2 kinds of sports, 1: the Land sports and 2: the Aquatic sports. 

Under the Aquatic Sport:
I like: Swimming. 

Under the land sports:
 I like: Football, Volleyball, Tennis, and Handball.

about swiming


swiming is my favorite sport because it is fun, it helps you to exersize and it makes you active.also whithout swimming when ever you fall into a deep pool you might drown or die. learn how to be flexible.

soccer is also my favorite sport because it is very 
fun intresting and easy.socer has meny types of 
football like ogo ,penalties,free kick and coners.


My favorite sports by: Nabeelah sofola


My name is Nabeelah sofola. I will  be talking about my favorites sports. I have two favorite sports football and swimming. First i will be talking about football. Football is a sport and in football they are different teams. like man united and a lot more. I will list some facts about football and it is what i saw Women's football is the next big thing that means that women football is coming up. This a flag of a football team.
Swimming is very fun .