Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Ebola is a PAIN!!!

I'm going to be talking about Ebola. IT IS A PAIN!!!

Ebola is a sickness that some of you already know of. Ebola is deadly and incurable. Ebola is highly contagious and was first brought to Nigeria by a man named Patrick Sawyer. Why Patrick? WHYYYYYYYY?
Anyway, it has now left Nigeria and has now spread to other countries such as the UK, the US and Spain.
The symptoms of Ebola are weakness, unusual pains, abnormal bleeding (internal and external), Diarrhea, vomiting and high fever.
The ways to get Ebola is through bodily fluids. This is the disgusting part. Blood, sweat, spit, feces and other types of excrete.


Ebola is a deadly virus that can kill people, and it is very contagious. the symptom's of Ebola are vomiting, diarrhoea, high fever, internal and external bleeding, back pain, weakness. You can get Ebola by swet, pee, poop. nurses  have been force to where to where protective gear, but its very possible that they can still get the virus.

The Ebola Overview

Ebola is a deadly disease that is highly contagious.
The symptoms of Ebola are Vomiting, Internal and External bleeding, diarrhoea, Fever, Weakness and Unusual pain.
You can get Ebola from peoples bodily fluids such as swet, excretion, urine, vomit, sneeze and saliva.
Patrick sawyer was the first person to ever be contracted of Ebola.
You can get Ebola from Bats, Wild Dogs, Wild Cats, Pigs, Monkeys and Baboons.
The only way to prevent Ebola right now is if you keep a good hygiene and pray.
Now in case you  want to know what Ivaksteen is?
Ivaksteen is weak Ebola cells that will be injected into the body, then after some time your white blood cells will kill them making them know that Ebola is bad.

Ebola Outbreak

Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen,  we are talking about the deadly Ebola Disease.

Ebola can kill a person within 3 weeks which is 21 days.

The symptoms of Ebola are: vomiting, tummy ache, red eyes, headache, bleeding, diarrhoea, fever, rashes, back pain, sweating, stooling and coughing.
To stop Ebola you have to keep a good hygiene, wash your hands, sanitize and keep clean at all times. Do not eat bats, suya, shawama, raw meat, monkeys, apes, gorillas and others.
Ebola was brought to Nigeria by Patrick Sawyer. He was in Liberia and even though he knew he had Ebola he still came and lied that he had malaria. He fainted on the plane to Nigeria and a flight attendant did mouth to mouth with Patrick Sawyer, so he died. Luckily there is no Ebola in Nigeria.
You can get Ebola through somebodies sweat, urine and others. You can prevent Ebola through prayer and believing in God.