Monday, 8 December 2014


The best thing about discovery house Montessori school is the upgrade of are enrichments the fact that we  get 3 hours and most enrichments that we have now where not here last term  and also the enrichment  that where separate are now joined and we have more time which makes it more fun.
 And now we have French every week which gives us the advantage of learning a new language more.

The best thing about Discovery House are Enrichments and Teaching Methods. We also like recess and Fridays in Upper Elementary because, on Friday we don’t learn we do Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Physical Education. In Lower Elementary 1 they do it on Tuesdays and in LE2 they do it on Wednesday. We also like Wacky Week because, on Monday we do costume day, Tuesday is Hat day, Wednesday is Inside Out day, Thursday is messy day and Friday is Pyjamas day is when we come to school in our pyjamas, watch TV, sleep and eat popcorn or snacks. The thing we also like is lunch because we can pay to be on school lunch and eat food what ever days we want. We also have the same homework everyday we go to school and in our homework books we have the days we are meant to do so we don’t always have to disturb the teachers asking what we are suppose to do. We also do extended day and French and the teachers don’t bit us.

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