Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Ebola Outbreak

Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen,  we are talking about the deadly Ebola Disease.

Ebola can kill a person within 3 weeks which is 21 days.

The symptoms of Ebola are: vomiting, tummy ache, red eyes, headache, bleeding, diarrhoea, fever, rashes, back pain, sweating, stooling and coughing.
To stop Ebola you have to keep a good hygiene, wash your hands, sanitize and keep clean at all times. Do not eat bats, suya, shawama, raw meat, monkeys, apes, gorillas and others.
Ebola was brought to Nigeria by Patrick Sawyer. He was in Liberia and even though he knew he had Ebola he still came and lied that he had malaria. He fainted on the plane to Nigeria and a flight attendant did mouth to mouth with Patrick Sawyer, so he died. Luckily there is no Ebola in Nigeria.
You can get Ebola through somebodies sweat, urine and others. You can prevent Ebola through prayer and believing in God.

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