Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Ebola Overview

Ebola is a deadly disease that is highly contagious.
The symptoms of Ebola are Vomiting, Internal and External bleeding, diarrhoea, Fever, Weakness and Unusual pain.
You can get Ebola from peoples bodily fluids such as swet, excretion, urine, vomit, sneeze and saliva.
Patrick sawyer was the first person to ever be contracted of Ebola.
You can get Ebola from Bats, Wild Dogs, Wild Cats, Pigs, Monkeys and Baboons.
The only way to prevent Ebola right now is if you keep a good hygiene and pray.
Now in case you  want to know what Ivaksteen is?
Ivaksteen is weak Ebola cells that will be injected into the body, then after some time your white blood cells will kill them making them know that Ebola is bad.

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