Tuesday, 19 May 2015


On aprill 22 we went on holiday and we also closed school at 12:00 and i followed my friend dahunsi too his house and stayed there till friday.
    it was a lot of fun but the thing i hated was that from 9:00 O'clock till 4:00 in the afternoon there was no light so imagine that.
  list of what we did on each page

Wednesday- came to Dahunsi house chilled, played soccer, played with toy's, watched television (T.V) played mario galaxy and rio then slept.

Thursday- same exept for water fight.

  Friday- SAME SAME!!!.

Nothing realy happened of saturday or sunday so i'm skipping those 

Monday to my gratE amaze dahunsi came to my house when he came there was a lot of soccer, eating, fighting running around, watching television (T.V )playing games on my PS4 like Call Of Duty Ghosts (CODG), FIFA and WWE 2K15, we ate pizza and kilishi and cake.

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